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Card brand updates

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Learn more about important credit card updates with these notices.

Assessment and fee changes coming April 2021

You will see a 1 bp increase in both American Express (AXP) and Discover Network (DN) assessments, a 60 bp increase to the AXP Cross Border Fee, a new DN non-qualified fee (applies to all Base Submission Level transactions),and new debit network fees passed through on your merchant statement.

Purchase returns (credit vouchers) with missing or invalid authorization approvals will be subject to Authorization integrity/mis-use fees. Merchant initiated authorization reattempts may be subject to fees. Merchants who need training on the batch “recycler” or authorization best practices should contact their account representative.

Interchange changes coming April 2021

American Express (AXP) will be launching a debit card program [that will support both regulated and non-regulated debit interchange]. Discover Network will eliminate their US consumer and commercial mid-qualified interchange and all non-qualified transactions will qualify at Base SubmissionLevel. Other payment network interchange reimbursement fee changes will be passed through on your merchant statements. Mastercard and Visa interchange information will be available publicly.

Please contact customer service if you have statement questions.

Mastercard logo requirement

Effective April 2021, Mastercard supports digital logos to improve cardholder recognition, eliminate transaction confusion and reduce cardholder inquiries and disputes by displaying your logo on transactions. Extend your brand presence and elevate the customer experience by opting in to this service at

Merchants are encouraged to reach out regarding questions about the logo campaign or digital receipts at

Please contact customer service at if you have statement questions.