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Merchant Portal Reference Guide (QRG)

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The updated merchant portal will provide a fresh look on transactional data to enhance usability and provide a snapshot of historical data. A new “Landing Page Dashboard” is the first thing you will see to allow improved visibility to transaction reporting.

This document outlines the changes and gives you a quick walk-through for what to expect when the updates take place to the Merchant Reporting Portal.

Find out what's new

Below is a list of new things in the portal and a few features coming soon.

Portal Feature Description Readiness
Landing Page Dashboard Provides transactional data in a 7-day snapshot view LIVE
Search by Card Type Search transactions by each card type LIVE
Data Filtering Filter reporting on the screen to display only the transactions you want to see LIVE
Self-Service Chargebacks Emailed chargeback notifications, upload responses to the portal, online tracking at your fingertips in the merchant portal. COMING 2021
Virtual Terminal Process transactions on the go when needed in the Merchant Portal COMING 2021

Last updated: 10/14/2020