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NCR Aloha Takeout

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Product Family: Aloha

Industries Served: Restaurant

Sub-category: Aloha Essentials

Country Availability: Global

Description: The Aloha Takeout order management module works with Aloha POS to tightly synchronize restaurant takeout and delivery from order entry to driver route planning. Aloha Takeout leverages an easy-to-use .NET rich client interface and an SQL Express database with each store having its own set of customer and order information. Aloha POS and Aloha Takeout run in separate windows on the terminal with configurable buttons and options to efficiently transition between both applications.


  • Search: Quickly locate customers and orders using a robust search engine and SQL Express.
  • Order Flow and Job Roles: Optimize the order flow for employees interacting with the system.
  • Operational Options: Use for pick-up orders or expand to delivery, curbside, catering, and other operational types.
  • Customer Credits: Issue credits to customers based on employee access level.
  • Saved Payment Information: Save time processing and applying payments by securely saving credit card information for regular or business customers.
  • Future Orders: Book orders up to five years in advance and automatically release them based on promise and prep times.
  • POS House Account Integration: Import existing Aloha POS house accounts for association with Aloha Takeout customer profiles.

Versions Supported: 19

Operating Systems Supported: Windows

Installation Method: On-premises

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