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Digital Ordering Release Notes v20.x

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Release notes for the Digital Ordering restaurant and hospitality software product.

Version 20.12.4

December 21, 2020

New Features

Reference number Feature Description
AO-16607, AO-17102 Consumers can now add special instructions for the restaurant on items that do not have modifiers.

Resolved Issues

Reference number Issue Description
AO-17102 Fixed: The error message consumers see when they try to place a pickup order that does not meet the required minimum does not show the correct amount.

Version 20.12.3

December 16, 2020

New Features

Reference number Feature Description
AO-13811, AO-16033 Consumer Marketing information, such as consumer name, available points, banked rewards, and offers, now appears on the Loyalty banner for loyalty members who log in to Digital Ordering.
AO-14261, AO-14699, AO-15284 Consumer can log in to their Digital Ordering account and sign up for the Consumer Marketing loyalty program, to take advantage of offers and rewards. Consumers can earn merit for online purchases placed through Digital Ordering.

Version 20.12.1

December 3, 2020

New Features

Reference number Feature Description
AO-15776 Special events that close or alter hours now appear on the site selection page for consumer awareness.
AO-16011 Multiples of the same item with identical modifiers now appear consolidated in the cart.
AO-16146 Consumers can now leave special instructions for each item they order.
AO-16171 You can upload a default image to appear for any item with a missing image.
AO-16399 Live Editor is now available for editing live pages used during the order flow process.
AO-16404 A color selector now appears in the Color Editor screen, allowing you to pick your primary and secondary colors.

Resolved Issues

Reference number Issue Description
AO-16015 Fixed: Background screens allow scrolling when a popup modal appears.
AO-16020 Fixed: The chevron icon appearing on the right of the Order Summary page is misaligned.
AO-16170 Fixed: Applied coupons do not reset when a consumer changes the site location.
AO-16270 Fixed: The Pay Now button appears enabled before payment information is given.
AO-16271 Fixed: Selecting ASAP as the Pickup time shows a blank modal with no time selection options from which to choose.
AO-16534 Fixed: When a consumer adds a new card, the screen focus is not defaulting to the card entry line.
AO-16557 Fixed: The cart is difficult to access at certain page widths.